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The Teleios Advantage

In today’s competitive environment, the retail energy industry has become a game of inches. The difference between winning and losing frequently comes down to how well a retail energy provider harnesses the data at its disposal to run its business better.

Teleios helps retail energy providers gain those tough inches, protect the ground they’ve gained and score more frequently, ultimately making their business more attractive to both lenders and buyers.

Game Plan Better

With costs and weather that change in real time, forecasting gross margin is a challenge for all retail energy providers as well as would-be buyers of retail energy businesses. Teleios takes your planning and valuation process to the next level:

  • Accuracy: Gross margin under contract is developed on a fully bottom’s up basis, account by account and hour by hour.
  • Speed: Replace spreadsheets and SQL databases/queries with cloud-based infrastructure so you can run scenarios faster.
  • Variance Analysis: Margin variance happens. The key to reducing it is ensuring your inputs are sound and reconciliation processes are robust. The Teleios Platform strengthens both.

Execute Better

When small changes in price can mean the difference between winning and losing a deal and small changes in cost can mean the difference between making and losing money, it is vital to ensure that your price curves are accurate and your financial and operating controls are robust.

Teleios gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you to:

  • Leverage Teleios’ proprietary cost curves and methodologies to pressure test your wholesale and retail pricing.
  • Get a second opinion on deals so you can sharpen your pencil on the ones you want to win and breathe easier when the initial feedback is that your price is way out.
  • Quickly isolate potentially unprofitable deals so that they can be addressed proactively and steps can be taken to prevent recurrence.
  • Debate and execute against hedging and risk management strategies that mitigate short and long term price risk.

Make your business a perennial contender

While the energy industry is cyclical and anomalous pricing and weather events can spoil an individual season, Teleios can help you build the kind of business that performs well year in and year out and is always in the hunt for a title.

So what are you waiting for. Start turning your retail energy franchise into an enduring dynasty today!

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