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The Difference Between Control & Control Environment

As a retail energy lender, you’re not interested in getting involved in the day to day decisions in the underlying business. But you do want to make sure those decisions are supported by an appropriate control environment…and this control environment extends well beyond the traditional risk management policy.

With the Teleios GEM platform, you gain visibility into how those day in and day out decisions are impacting the business:

  • Profitability of new business
  • Cash flow impact of recent trading activity; not just in the prompt month or balance of year but across the duration of the trade
  • Forward margin expectations; again next month, balance of year, upcoming calendar year and beyond

Teleios GEM provides a bottoms up, account by account view of profitability, providing both you and your customer with the ability to isolate markets and/or deal-specific situations where a control failure may have occurred.

Your interests in a strong control environment are entirely aligned with your customer. Teleios GEM grants you both access to a best in class portfolio visualization capability that helps to ensure that your interests are protected.

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