Delivering Energy Transformation

Team Members


Peter Perrino

Chief Technology Officer

Peter leads development of systems architecture at Teleios Commodities, a vital role ensuring Teleios software technology infrastructure reliably scales with the growing multi-billion-dollar books of business managed within it daily. He has over twenty years of practical design and delivery experience spanning all phases of system deployment. For over 15 years he worked for Zeta Associates, a technology company that solves the most complex national security communications and signal processing problems. After its acquisition in 2014 by Lockheed Martin, Peter co-founded Claimzen Inc helping to design and implement its cloud-based software SaaS product.

His passion for problem solving is grounded with a commitment to understanding and meeting operational needs. With a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Masters of Computer Science from Rice University he focuses on an engineering approach using cutting edge technology tools to deliver practical and cost effective solutions.

Peter is equally passionate about spending time with his kids, encouraging both their academic studies as well as their extracurricular activities which include lacrosse and golf. He enjoys travelling and is constantly trying to catch up on his backlog of audio books.