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Anne Friday


Anne is the Controller for Teleios Commodites and brings a diverse background of experience to Teleios Commodities which includes financial governance, strategic planning, law, and project management.

Anne prides herself on having an exceptional understanding of the core business and client relationships surrounding Teleios Commodities and the unique ability of anticipating and fulfilling needs far in advance.

Essential to the success of Teleios Commodities is the need to develop a strong corporate culture. As Controller, Anne is extremely instrumental in developing the company corporate culture and building strong strategic business partnerships between Teleios, its parent company, and the vertical companies that make up the Ara Partners Group.

As Teleios Commodities invests and provides operational expertise within companies founded upon best in class leadership and transparency, Anne’s role demands that she makes sure the institutional knowledge, information and idea exchange flows freely across the Teleios Ecosystem.

Anne’s goal is to leverage her organizational and operational expertise to enable each of the senior executives to maximize their time, thus, allowing them to achieve corporate objectives.

Anne lives in The Woodlands, TX with her beloved “Kitty” and blessed with two beautiful daughters and four wonderful grandkids.

Specialties: Interpersonal Skills, Business Development, Strategic Relationship Building, Project Management, Networking, Marketing, Team Building, Liaison Between Senior-Level Management, Clients and Partners