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power and gas report

Natural Gas:  Jan unch at $2.68; Cal ’21 unch at $2.76

PJM Peak:  Winter up $.15 to $33.65; Cal ’21 up $.10 to $31.40

NEPOOL Peak:  Winter unch at $52.50; Cal ’21 up $.35 to $37.85

ERCOT Peak:  Winter up $.50 to $26; Summer ’21 down $1.25 to $77.50

Short-term market view:  Northeast snowstorm; Cold/Warm/Cool transience

Mr Wizard

There's probably no other business where forecasting margin is as difficult. Both revenues and costs are affected by prices that change in real time, and quantities sold are affected by many externali...

10 out of 10

Competitive bids in a CNI retail energy business setting frequently feel like a horse race. Your horse is a great pedigree and is well prepared, but from time to time it comes up well short, and usual...

Texas Power Prices – August 2019 Review

We have seen estimates that generators made 1.5 billion dollars in profits over a 2-day period. We know who won. But who lost?Many have asked, what are the potential impacts to a retailer? Our team at...

Who is Teleios?

Teleios Commodities is a fully capitalized investment boutique operating at the intersection of utilities and technology, with a focus on driving innovation in the energy space.

Geoff Duda joins Teleios Commodities as Managing Partner

THE WOODLANDS, TX, May 15, 2019 – Teleios Commodities, LLC ("Teleios") announced today a new addition to their Executive Team.According to Brandon Schwertner, Teleios' Founder and Managing Partner, "W...

Teleios Commodities Provides Start-Up Capital to Pulse Power

THE WOODLANDS, TX, October 10, 2018 – Teleios Commodities, LLC ("Teleios") announced today a material investment in Pulse Power, LLC ("Pulse"), a Texas-based retail energy company.As part of its partn...

Argus Commodity Services, LLC. Changes Corporate Name to Teleios Commodities, LLC.

THE WOODLANDS, TX, February 9, 2018. Argus Commodity Services, LLC. (ACS), announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Teleios Commodities, LLC., effective immediately. The Greek word "T...